Green Black Walnut: My Ringworm Cure

By: Tony sellers
Published: July 21, 2018

Green Black Walnut: My Ringworm Cure

By Tony Sellers

When I was 13 my mom was brushing my hair and discovered a red ring on the top of my head. After further examination we found out it was a fungus called ringworm, which is usually picked up from animals. Ringworm shows up as a red ring that is slightly raised along the edge, hence the name. We treated it by applying green black walnut tincture to my head twice a day for a couple weeks until the ring disappeared. The black walnut hull, leaf, and bark contain a chemical called juglone that is famous for keeping away fungus and also every other pest, bug, and parasite.

We made the black walnut tincture by ourselves at home. We went out and gathered black walnut leaves, hulls and bark from a black walnut tree. We took them home and we put them in the blender with 190 proof grain alcohol and blended it up and let it sit for fourteen days. My moms hands were black from peeling the hulls off of the nuts for the whole fourteen days!

After the tincture had sat for the two weeks we strained it and put it in a bottle and used it for many things, like my ringworm.