Green Black Walnut Tincture

By: Kal Sellers
Published: July 2, 2018

Green Black Walnut Tincture

Before the nut is mature on the black walnut tree, the husk around the nut is green and soft. It is in its most potent state. The leaves and inner bark are also very strong in this green state. When the nuts are picked early enough, the seed inside (the actual nut) is not mature and the whole husk and nut can be used together. When these fresh, green nuts, leaves and bark are tinctured in pure alcohol, the tincture is green. The green color is the earmark of this very potent tincture.

Black walnut as medicine (not the nut itself as food) has been used for a very long time. The extract acts like iodine when applied to the skin. Dr. Christopher said that black walnut trees actually contain high levels of iodine by biological transmutation, which happens even when the soil is nearly void of iodine. The extract or the dry powder have been used for parasites, fungal infections, repair of damaged tissue, topical disinfectant action, liver tone and any astringent activity for a very long time. Dr. Christopher became the only medic in the Army permitted to use natural herbal medicines by curing a severe case of dermatosis of the scalp using only topical application of black walnut hull tincture where he kept it saturated for 3 days.

Black walnut has many interesting properties to say the least. It seems to function as one of our plant replacements for a protomorphogen, which is a complex of proteins (usually animal proteins from a the tissue one wishes to affect) that distracts or stops inappropriate immune response to a tissue when it is taken into the gut. This is useful where damage is occurring to a tissue chronically and it will not get well. The immune system is distracted and the tissue is given proper nutrition and it then heals.

Hulda Clark made green (not dried, fresh) black walnut tincture famous with her classic parasite routine for cancer. In addition to killing parasites, black walnut is very anticancer both nutritionally and medicinally.

I keep it around mostly for killing abnormal flora in the upper digestion, stomach, pancreatic duct, sphincter of Oddi and gall bladder. I have the person take a half teaspoon of the tincture in water on an empty stomach first thing each morning. Some have gotten significanly better just doing this alone and I often include it as a key part of healing the whole gut and immune system when the person has been weak and inflamed for a long time.

Green black walnut tincture is about twice as potent as the tincture made from the dried black walnut products. My hope is to bring to you this product if you have need for it since good green black walnut tincture is difficult to obtain and expensive.