Hair Loss

By: Kal Sellers
Published: October 24, 2018

This is not really about normal male pattern baldness, but rather about hair loss in women or any patchy hair loss on body or head. It is possible to have other causes (including small insects) but this post is about what appears to be immune-driven spontaneous hair loss. This may also be nutrition-driven or thyroid driven and we would use the same approach for all of them...with a slight addition for the thyroid.

The following protocol is what I use in my practice for hair loss. I literally tried dozens of things over almost 20 years with no real success (I even tried Castor oil, which I love and feel is very effective for many things). When I used this, it stopped the hair loss almost immediately and very slowly began to bring it back. Many supplements exist out there but I have not been very happy with any of them up to this point.

Here is my protocol:

2 Immuplex in the morning

2 Calcifood Wafers 3x daily

6 drops of Miracle Mineral Solution (Jim Humble Protocol), which is actually 6 drops of each of the two components which must be mixed fresh. Do this 4-5 times daily for 6 weeks.

In the event that there is a thyroid component (which, though theoretically likely, does not seem to usually be the problem), use Dr. Christopher's Thyroid Maintenance (6 capsules night and morning), Cataplex B12 (5 tablets at night) and Chaparral Yerba Mansa Rub (aka Thyroid Rub).

All of these products are available from our site store except Miracle Mineral Solution, but we are working on that.