Healing Dementia Questions

By: Kal Sellers
Published: June 10, 2022

What to do for Dementia

The research coming out on dementia and Alzheimer's diseases is constant. No one person can give you all the answers. Of course, what you really want to know is can you do something and what is it!!?!!

On the front of this discussion is what we think currently is the single most important factor to brain health now and always. It is simply this, that the brain needs to be able to descend into a deeply relaxed state in order to heal itself. When it is, it can heal remarkably fast.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has shown that through his meditation seminars people not only can get into a profoundly deep state of relaxation where the brain can regenerate, but he has shown that some people can heal from degenerative brain disease within a week-long seminar. This is simply because in that deep state the brain can regenerate very quickly. The deeper you get, the faster the healing occurs...more or less.

Of course, I am quick to add that the ability to relax is related to gut health and blood health and inflammation, etc. So, diet matters. Fasting is truly helpful. But it appears for the brain, the primary role of diet is more about getting out of the way. Caffeine, for example, is obviously in the opposite direction of help. This is ironic since coffee, for its part, improves sugar metabolism and circulation to the brain.

A diet that is calm and gentle on the system and plenty of raw fruits and vegetables is key to keeping the inflammation of the gut from disturbing thought processes. Other places I have recommended healthy diets so I will forebear here. Certainly a basically plant-based, high-raw diet is wise and we should eat no food that cannot be found in nature or made with naturally occurring materials.

A technology has emerged which has proven curative, at least in preliminary case-studies, at curing, or abating Alzheimer's in the early stages. This uses sound and light to push the brain into those vital brain-wave ranges which result in healing the brain. This technology is called BrainTap. It can be used with special headphones or can be used with regular headphones or even a good stereo system in a car. There is a subscription involved in order to play it from a smart phone or tablet.

In addition, it is important to treat the brain to proper relaxation and healing periods using the following strategies:

1. Avoid working past the point of fatigue--on anything! Stop. Take a break. Take a walk in order to heal the brain.
2. Avoid artificial light. Probably the number one cause of skyrocketing Alzheimer's disease is screens of all types which emit blue light and which people use all day and well into the night. That brain exposed to such literally never calms down!!! Use incandescent bulbs in your house or turn the lights off once it is dark, or both. We use salt lamps with incandescent bulbs in our house in the bathrooms so that we do not need to turn lights on at night. All of the lights in most parts of the house are incandescent, but we do not use them much. We avoid screen time in general except where needed for work. Everyone should discontinue all screen time at dark or two hours before bedtime, whichever comes first. If you are already in trouble, buy a dumb phone or a landline and stop all use of screens period. Entirely. Completely. Go outside early and late and get natrural light and touch nature. Walk barefoot on some chemical free grass and land around you. That leads to number 3.
3. Take 3 fifteen-minute walks every day. As already hinted at, when you approach fatigue with anything, go for a 15-minute walk! This will get your brain communicating again. This needs to be outside, without any headphones or screens, obviously. See pleasant things and have a nice time. This will push your brain toward healthy each time you do it and will result in global communication in your brain.
4. Get chiropractic. A chiropractic adjustment has shown to improve brain communication equivalent to months of neurological therapy. Each time this happens, the brain has better circulation and relaxes better.
5. Get acupuncture. This interrupts stressed states in your body and allows both healing and deeper relaxation.
6. Be asleep between 11 pm and 6 am. Sleep needs to be in a DARK room with no screens at all, not even ones that are turned off. You will sleep better if you do two simple things: 1st, get some cardiovascular exercise appropriate to your health limitations at 7 am every day. 2ond, keep your room cool enough that you are not quite comfortable unless under the covers. In addition to these sleep hygiene rules, consider taking 8 tablets of min-tran every night at bedtime. This Standard Process product will help you to clear neural chemistry so your brain will shut up. If you will not or cannot take Min-Tran, 15 minutes of walking barefoot in grass or snow will also do the trick. Finally, if you just cannot sleep during that time, no matter what you do, lay or recline in the dark room and meditate on pleasant scenes, do Acu-meridian meditation or gentle chi-gong that is relaxing. In any case, stay in the dark and relax during this time.
7. Avoid refined sugar (white sugar and corn sweeteners) and caffeine and other stimulants always. Have vegetarian evening meals (after 2 pm) and drink enough water. If you are getting up to use the bathroom, consider massaging your kidney area (at the bottom of the ribs, but under the ribs in back) and supplementing with Dr. Christopher's Kidney Formula (normally 2 capsules 3-4 times daily).
8. If you wake up agitated a lot (which I think very unlikely if you are following these instructions), consider Standard Process Allerplex (3-5 capsules at bedtime and again anytime you wake up at night). If you wake up in pain, take 3 Chlorophyll Complex Perles with the Allerplex at the same times.

Finally, I will mention some foods which have shown some promise for helping with brain health.

There have been numerous reports of coconut oil helping. Just to be clear, the people who used it to cure dementia used the whole coconut oils, not extracted MCT oil. No case histories have found me which show that they work. It is entirely possible that the MCT oil is missing something that whole, extra-virgin coconut oil contains which helps heal the brain. I do not know this is the case, but I offer it as a caution. Always use the whole product as nature gives it if you can.

Flax seed oil is helpful for the brain and to lower inflammation. Please purchase in gelcaps from a reliable company which carefully cold-processes it. Flax oil is not stable.

Blessed thistle has been used longer than any other herb for dementia and has shown to help stop memory loss. 2 capsules per day would be enough.

Gotu Kola has long been shown to support the support cells in the brain (called glial cells) which are in charge of removing plaque, repairing neurons, protecting them, etc. also 2 capsules per day would be sufficient.

I think this is more than adequate. The hardest parts above are the most important. The brain has to ENJOY LIFE! If it doesn't, it will not heal. Cell phones and tablets, televisions and computers ARE NOT LIFE!!!

Controversial discussion ALERT below this line.

Below is one addendum which I feel is important, but which is harder to sell than what people can simply do that everyone can imagine is healthy.

There is research that has shown that dementia might be caused by a virus. Like all viruses, if the tissue is healthy and the immune system is healthy and the person well-nourished, viruses are not a threat. The above will certainly take care of those things. On the other hand, if you knew that a virus could be avoided...wouldn't you avoid it? This is a controversial subject (though I do not know why, there is no doubt at all that what I am about to say is true and known and being discussed in the medical community, though so-called "fact checkers" [which ought to be called "fact manufacturers"] scream "conspiracy theory" in regards to it) but it is known that all vaccines are grown in conditions where contamination with live viruses is likely. These are viruses which are biologically important to humans, so many of them are known to be threats. Given the serious question of any vaccine value outside of laboratory controlled conditions, my advice is don't get vaccinated. One researcher suggested that in the case of cancer alone, about 20 cases are caused by vaccines for every 1 case of prevention of the serious version of what the vaccine is supposed to prevent against. That is assuming that the absence of the illness proves the efficacy of the vaccine.

I have a discussion I wish to introduce on this point:
Would you risk cancer to avoid measles? Nobody dies from measles unless there is already something seriously wrong with them. Most of what we vaccinate against is no threat to a healthy person and a minimal threat to an unhealthy one. Everyone cites polio as a blanket justification for vaccines, but only 1 in 1000 people who contracted polio had any lasting deleterious effects (polio syndrome). When fresh produce was made available all summer long, the number went down and never came back up. In towns where the citizens were convinced to avoid sugar and ice cream, the number dropped by nearly 99%. Polio was dropping precipitously for nearly a decade before the vaccine was introduced. In fact, it was rushed (we do not know why) when it was introduced. Small pox was already gone when that vaccine was introduced and did not reappear anywhere on earth until the United States started vaccinating Africa against it (at the time, Africa did not have small pox) and then it appeared there. It made a news headline in the UK. "United States gives Africa Smallpox" it read. It went on to discuss just what I have said here. Remember, drug companies do not benefit from you being healthy. They benefit from you being sick. Best if it is long-term illness that is very expensive to treat and which hits you out of nowhere and is hard to treat naturally, so that you stay hooked on the medical system. Where would you trust such a conflict of interest?