Kidney Function and Aging

By: Kal Sellers
Published: August 29, 2018

The modern world is tough on the kidneys. These organs sit at the back of the abdomen just in front of the lower ribs on both sides. Because of the space occupied by the liver, the right kidney is just a bit lower than the left. They filter the blood, they provide energy and vitality for the low back, knees, spine and brain. They need water to carry the wastes out of the blood into urine. Too much stress or the wrong chemical changes at the kidneys and they might form stones or become susceptible to infection.

Aging in the face, especially around the eyes is related to kidney stress. Inflexibility is related to kidney stress. Also, the kidneys cool and ease the body in the presence of stress. Unreasonable fear is often due to kidney weakness and protracted fear--however reasonable--is damaging to the kidneys.

The kidneys are also damaged by sitting too much or for too long. Ideally, each person who sits for work would stop the vehicle or pause at their desk and go for a vigorous walk for 2-3 minutes every 45 minutes. Going beyond the 45 minutes is unwise as the body begins to change at about that time in a way that will result in loss of muscle tone and posture and which creates internal stress, cortisol and subsequent insulin spikes. The shift in posture will put stress on the nerves going to the kidneys and will weaken them.

We have a video on YouTube you can look at to learn how to keep your own kidneys vital. This exercise should be done 5 times daily. Click here to view

Additionally, we commonly use two supplements to help the kidneys directly. These are Dr. Christopher's Kidney Formula and Standard Process Cal Amo. Both can be purchased on the store on this site.

The kidneys, unlike the blood they filter, should be slightly acidic. This is true of the gut lining, the cerebral spinal fluid and immune tissue everywhere. These systems need acidic nutrients to perform their functions and to be well. Cal Amo is a source for those nutritents and is used for kidney health, immune stability and for all manner of panic attacks and phobias. Usually, we take 6 per day with a meal for that.

Dr. Christopher's Formula is to strengthen, tone and disinfect the whole renal system. It is somewhat diuretic but also strengthening. It helps with dissolving stones and gravel in the kidneys and bladder. Normally we recommend 2 capsules night and morning.

To learn about kidney stones, please go to the patient education page.