The Amazing Liver: Key To Optimal Health

By: Kal Sellers
Published: March 11, 2020

I have, in other places, discussed the liver in connection with various conditions. Here, I will give you the basics of how to know you have a liver need (nearly everyone does) and how to clean the liver out effectively and keep it clean.

Liver problems often present as anger, yelling, outbursts or seething, hidden anger. Liver people often have troubles with bile flow, animal products and sugar. Severe liver patients seem to have terrible reactions to fruit (this is the only reason such reactions ever occur). Liver problems cause visual acuity problems and also difficulty reading things close up as you age. Liver problems (again, when severe) often cause a lot of weight gain that just continues and continues for no reasonable reason. Liver problems are involved with the development of varicose veins. Liver problems are why your skin doesn't heal when you get older. Liver problems are the reason your gut does not heal but keeps on having bad reactions. Liver problems are responsible for high inflammation in the system. Liver problems ALWAYS precede cancer. The liver is responsible for normal healing and for the management of the health of all micro-clusters of cells. The liver is a primary player in the regulation of hormone levels (drops in hormones are always liver problems where the liver is overloaded with hormones and causes the down-regulation of hormone productsion). Liver problems are involved in all pooled lymph and accumulated fluid (though heart, kidneys and thyroid are often players in this too). Flushed faces, burst veins and many heart problems and heart attacks are totally liver driven. High cholesterol is at least partly a liver problem. Poor digestion, poor stomach function and poor appetite are all liver problems. Sugar or heavy food cravings at night are common liver problem problems. Sugar cravings any time are liver problems. PMS is a liver problem. All the symptoms of peri-menopause are liver problems. Lumbering gait as you age is a liver problem. Most skin blemishes are liver problems (certainly all lumps and dark marks which appear throughout life).

I have said before, you age in your kidneys but you get disease in your liver. It is worth the effort to keep your liver well thoughout your life. You will never regret learning how to do that.

Now, there are many nuances in liver problems. Please note that this article will give you a few very effective keys. Often, other things are needed. Severely imbalanced people who are very weak will not tolerate liver cleansing until they get back in balance and they should read the blog before this one about Sympathetic and Parasympathetic imbalances. If you try cleansing the liver and just get worse, assume you need to return to that article and switch at that time to Standard Process' Hepatrophin, 2-8 every night and morning while you heal. Additionally, in my office I have an iMRS pad and oxone therapies which might help you very much with the process of healing enough that you can do proper liver healing and cleansing.

Having said that, let me give you the liver cleansing protocol:

1. Suck it up. Do a few granulated garlic enemas. I have discussed these in other blogs (See This BLOG) but I do recommend if you have gut lesions and liver trouble that you do these warm (about 100 degrees F/37 degrees C) and do them back to back to get totally cleaned out each time. Enemas can deplete you so do not do them too often, but do a good job when you do it. A reasonable interval is one time per week.

2. Start each day with the following juice (must be fresh, raw juice you juice yourself): 1/4-1/3 pineapple (with the core), 1 organic lemon with the peel, 2-3 inches of fresh raw ginger (discontinue if you get diarrhea), 2-3 inches of fresh raw turmeric root. To this, add 1/8 cup ORGANIC extra virgin olive oil. Keep it shaken up or stirred and drink slowly--best stretch it out as long as you have time for up to an hour. Eat nothing else during this time and put off eating after until you are really hungry, not just snacky.

3. Stick to a diet high in raw vegetables (especially carrots, celery and broccoli) and apples and blueberries. You can eat other food, but no junk. If you have a meal, eat organic and no dairy, nothing fried or breaded and eat simple and not too much. If you are hungry for more, have more raw vegetables. Do not eat at fast food restaurants unless you know they have chemical free food (you must look at ingredient lists before consuming any such thing). Also avoid pork.

4. Supplement as follows: 2 Kidney Formula and 4 Liver Gall Bladder Formula (both Dr. Christopher's) every 3-4 hours and upon arising and right before bed. Consider supplementing also with 10 dandelion root all at once each day for 10 days. NOTE: if diarrhea comes and persists, first discontinue ginger from the juice, if it still persists, discontinue Liver Gall Bladder Formula and use Liver Transition Formula instead.

An obvious question is how long to do this. I do not have an answer as it changes for everyone. Certainly, you will (if you do all 4 steps and not let doing an enema stand in the way of you having good health), experience an empty, light feeling under your right lower rib cage. When you eat anything not ideal, this will gradually come back. I would stay on this program until it stops coming back!

I have done this program for 5 months straight and have started to feel that my morning is incomplete without it. I had to stop the ginger after 4 months due to a little overly active bowel! I seem to be fine with the fresh turmeric juice, however. I would think any of a number of variations in how this is taken would be fine. One week per month perpetually? 6 months solid then for a week every time you notice fullness on the right side under the ribs? Every morning as part of breakfast routine?

Some may worry about the sugar in the fruit, but I can assure you that doing this program will improve the ability to handle sugar greatly and the concern over the fruit sugar will disappear.

Finally, if you have a serious liver condition like hepatitis or cirrhosis or you have damaged your liver with drugs and alcohol, I strongly recommend you take milk thistle seed extract for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. 2/day of my preferred one is recommended. At the moment we do not have it on our site, but the preferred product is Thisilyn from Nature's Way.

If you can tolerate this program, and if you follow it regularly, you will certainly enjoy steadily improving health. I do recommend that you purchase an in-room air purifier for your bedroom. SO many toxins are airborne and it is hard to heal if you keep on sucking in poison all day and all night. The minimum requirement is a filter stack including a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and a charcoal filter. Many good brands exist online which are reasonably affordable. I feel that the benefit to my family from these filters has been significant and has helped in many ways with all of us. I feel they are necessary today at least in the northern hemisphere.

Many liver and gall bladder problems will be cured by the program above, particularly if a healthy diet, lifestyle and attitude are adopted long-term. The liver should certainly be cleaned out regularly, so consider this a habit to do for life at least for a week every season. Do it because you love yourself and want to be happy, sane and well.

For those on the parasympathetic dominant diet, you may want some sauerkraut pretty often during this time and you might want calcium and zypan during this time to keep you balanced. Remember, though, autonomic imbalance is, by nature, a liver problem. The body should regulate itself, it only fails when it cannot do it for some reason. Cleaning out the liver may help your healing process, once you can tolerate it.

Dr. Kal