The Cold Sheet Treatment: Modified

By: Kal Sellers
Published: January 28, 2021

Dr. Christopher told many stories when he taught natural healing and herbal medicine. A few of those stories instructed us on the use of the "Cold Sheet Treatment," which saves lives and removes obstructions to the immune system. It also increases the body temperature (creating an artificial fever) which helps clean the system but also enhances immune response. It has been estimated in immunology that each degree in temperature the body is raised, the immune system increases in activity and efficiency ten fold!

In the process of my learning, I tried the Cold Sheet Treatment. When once I understood the principles of it, I decided to modify it to be a bit more friendly to the typical patient. This treatment has been used many times in my family and my practice. When there is stubborn infection, or infection in an unfortunate place (such as a tooth infection which has gone to the jaw) then this treatment will clear it out if it is done correctly.

Normally, when I have taught this, I have tried to honor my great teacher, Dr. John R. Christopher, by teaching the whole program as he taught it. Only after this, would I give the instructions for the modified version. Because of time and space and expediency, I have decided just to give you the modified version.

Before I give you the instructions, let me give you the principles:

1. Clear the bowel completely so as to allow the lymph in the entire body to empty, drain and clear. This is complicated and new to people untrained in natural healing, but there is a mechanism in the body which is triggered when the bowel is completely emptied which causes the lymphatic system to aggressively (and very quickly) drain. Lymph dumps into the blood stream behind the collar bones. It is not appropriate here to go into a detailed explanation of this, but it is important to know that it does in fact work this way.

2.. Introduce highly antimicrobial herbs (generally garlic) to help kill infection as it is pulled out of the nooks and crannies of the body.

3. Introduce herbs which change the behavior of a fever from a dangerous type to a healing type. This can be any diaphoretic, but yarrow is thought to be the best.

4. Maintain sufficient hydration to keep the fever wet and to carry the toxins out of the body in the form of sweat.

5. Build an artificial fever as high as possible (no need to measure this, but if it reaches 106 Degrees F it will also destroy cancer cells). This high fever functions to thin blood, build heat, liquefy the mucus in the body and facilitate accelerated activity of all body systems.

6. Seal the skin (with cold water) to keep the heat inside until it builds to the point of sweating

7. Put the body in warm blankets with natural fibers against the skin so that it can sweat and remove toxins freely and not get easily chilled when the sweating is over.

8. Rinse the body off in warm water (and possibly vinegar) to remove debris from the skin and prevent chilling.

9. Rest to allow the body to heal

So, let us talk about how to do this. Here are the steps. I want to emphasize that each step must be accomplished in order for the whole thing to work. If you fail at any step, the results may not be satisfactory and will not be reliable. When done correctly, even very stubborn infections are completely cleared by the end of the treatment.

It is helpful, though not entirely necessary, to have eaten very lightly, a high percentage raw food and no meat, sugar, dairy or bread leading up to this program for at least 3 days. We have done it many times with people who have just eaten whatever and it still works unless they have just consumed a large quantity of dairy. If you have done that, wait (unless you are dying) 24-48 hours before attempting this program.

1. Use granulated garlic and warm water to do an enema series as follows: Put 5 heaping tablespoons of granulated garlic into 5 cups of warm water (this may be distilled, purified or well water, do not use water that may have chlorine in it). This is best done with an enema bucket. Clear plastic buckets can be purchased online for $10-15 dollars, including on this website. The advantage to a bucket is that the garlic is less likely to clump and clog the hose than in a bag. The ENTIRE enema is to be used. Most people cannot hold 5 cups in their bowels and the garlic is pretty stimulating, so it is expected that the patient will have to stop the flow of the enema hose, get up and void and then return to take more of the enema 3-4 times. It is vital to empty the whole large intestine. This includes the cecum which is over on the right lower abdomen and furthest from where the enema will enter as it goes in the rectum, around the sigmoid colon on the left, up the descending colon, across the abdomen through the transverse colon to the hepatic flexure and down the ascending colon to the cecum. It is often helpful to massage the right side midway between the ribs and hips to help open that part of the colon to let the enema in. I recommend doing the enema flat on the back, making massage of the abdomen easy. Use all 5 cups and clear the colon completely. The last enema should come out as just liquid or very loose debris.


2. Wait a few minutes (like 20-30) then take a heaping tablespoon of cayenne pepper in warm to hot water. This is hot. Do not inhale while drinking this as even the tiniest drop down the trachea will cause distressed breathing for several seconds up to a couple minutes. Hold your breath while drinking.


3. Wait until it starts to feel like you have a fire in your belly. It should be distressingly hot! If it is not at least a very warm sensation in the belly, the program will not work well. If after 30 minutes it does not feel fiery in the belly, repeat the cayenne again. If it still does not get hot, go on a fruit fast for a couple days and try the program again.


Optional here is to drink hot peppermint and yarrow tea after the cayenne. This will encourage the cayenne to heat up, it will encourage sweating later and it will cool the internal organs (protecting you from any harm--though harm from this protocol is unheard of) while allowing the artificial fever to build and come out the skin as sweat.


4. Get in a hot shower and turn around and around like a rotisserie chicken as the hot water (as hot as you can handle) sprays on your chest, under your arms and on your back, warming your vital organs.


If all goes well in this step, the heat in your belly from the cayenne will suddenly transition from the discomfort in your belly (which can make you quite nauseous) to a strong sense of feeling woozy and the beginning of sweating (though it is hard to tell in the shower, you will feel overcome with heat, grossly overheated).


It is a hard sell, but it is essential to build this heat to an obnoxious level! It is important to have someone helping you throughout this process, but especially here. If you get to the point you think you will actually pass out, have someone hand you a washcloth wet with cold water. Put this on your forehead only. When you think you have literally done all that you can and you are miserably hot, then, go to step 5.


5. Rinse off with cold water for 20-30 seconds. COVER ALL THE SKIN WELL with cold water. If you have succeeded in step 4, this will feel awesome. You will be grateful to cool off a little!


6. Dry off and go directly to bed. Next to your skin must be cotton or linen or other natural fiber sheets. It is wise to put plastic underneath the sheets to protect the mattress from prolific sweating. It is important to be covered amply with blankets to allow the whole body to stay VERY WARM.


Normally, wherever the infection is, the person will perceive their heart beat in the area very strongly. This will occur as the infection is pumped out. When the beat reduces to a dull, broad sensation in the area, the infection will be gone.


7. The person should stay under the blankets until the sweating starts to subside and the slightest sensation of cooling down occurs. This normally takes 45-90 minutes. Once this stage is reached, the person should:


8. Go shower off well and (optional) then sponge off with apple cider vinegar and warm distilled water (50:50). Then dry off and go to bed again. The assistant should remake the bed while the person is showering with clean, dry linens. The person should lay down and rest and let the body fully return to balance and peace.


This program can be a bit depleting so I recommend that once it is done successfully, it not be done again for several weeks. It can be done for deep cleansing, removal of drug and chemical residues and to destroy abnormal cells. However, if done too often, it will leave the person weak and out of balance for several weeks. This is not good. This is a wonderful program which has saved many lives. If you decide to use it, use it wisely. Consult an expert if you need guidance. Read it three times, take notes and do it right from the beginning. Good luck!

If you require a consultation with me, I sell consultation time by the 15 minute block and will be able to help you understand where you are not certain what to do.