The Herbal First Aid Course Handout and List

By: Kal Sellers
Published: September 6, 2020

Herbal First Aid List of Herbs

Cayenne Pepper (4 ounces) Tincture (1 ounce)
Stop bleeding up to 1 T in water, heart attacks 1 T in warm water, stroke 1 T in warm water, poor circulation ¼ t in water, in socks for frostbite sprinkle in socks, for headaches ¼-1 t in water, for digestion and digestive distress prevention ¼ t in water 15 minutes before each meal.

Lobelia Tincture (2 ounces)
1 dropper for sore throat (let trickle down), breathing difficulties, asthma, allergies, contact dermatitis, etc. For advanced treatment of asthma, follow instructions in course.
2-4 drops every 20 minutes for prevention of contagious disease
1 dropper as needed for pain, plus topical application. Topical application also for nervous tension or neurological complaints, rubbed into nape of neck and base of skull
Rub in tincture to poison ivy, oak or any allergic contact dermatitis. Also take one dropper full by mouth every hour until the condition is abated.

Slippery elm, Oak Bark, Comfrey root (all powders, 2 oz each, 3-4 oz slippery elm)
Slippery Elm Bark: Stir one teaspoon into 3 cups of warm water. Sweeten with honey as a food. Make thick mucilage to use as a paste to protect an open wound. For wounds, mix with the other two herbs in equal parts, mix with water until a paste, apply and let dry as a healing bandage. Keep moist, but not wet.
Oak Bark: make tea to use for douche, wash or rinse for yeast. Feed by dropper full to babies with thrush. To make tea, put one teaspoon of the herb into one cup of distilled water. Bring to a boil and immediately reduce to a very low simmer for 10 minutes. Turn off and let cool. Use just warmer than room temperature. A pinch of the powder can also be put into a small amount of juice for thrush. The tea can be put on cloth over varicose veins. Mix with comfrey root powder in equal parts. Mix two teaspoons into 3-4 ounces of distilled water. Use as an implant for hemorrhoids. Implants are put in and left in as long as possible, preferably overnight.
Comfrey Root: Make tea by the above recipe to drink with injuries or any type of irritable bowel or colitis. Easing to headaches and to liver stress. Apply anytime there is an injury by itself or with the other two herbs.

Miracle Tincture (4 ounces)
This is applied topically only. It is applied and rubbed in to any injury, any painful area of the body, any wound. It is put on cloth and placed on the body and covered with plastic and bound on at night for any chronic pain or degenerative condition or severe acute injury (broken bone). It is dripped into the scalp and rubbed in and left there for dandruff.

Ginger Powder (2 ounces)
2 Tablespoons into 2-4 cups of distilled water as a hydrating enema. Drink quarts of the tea (all teas, unless otherwise specified, are made with one teaspoon per one cup of water. Unless otherwise specified, all teas are made by boiling water and then pouring it over the herbs in a separate container, the container is immediately covered and allowed to cool. Unless specified, herbs are never put on the stove with the heat, but steeping takes place in a separate container off the heat.) to manage chronic pain disorders and to quell vertigo and insomnia. A wash can be used over stubborn cases of poison ivy or oak so that the enzymes in the ginger will dissolve the oils.

Pine Gum Tincture (2 oz)
Use 1-2 droppers full by mouth to quell bleeding, especially in the brain or head. Rub in topically to superficial wounds to seal the surface as the alcohol evaporates and to speed healing. Generally rubbed in after miracle tincture is rubbed in and allowed to partially dry. The combination is considered ideal.

Lower Bowel Powder (4 oz)
Make enemas with this formula by adding one teaspoon to every 3 cups of distilled water. This is stirred together and use in a bulb syringe for children or higher volume (1.5 teaspoons to 5 cups of distilled water) in an enema bag for adults. Generally, this is put in quickly, kept in as long as possible and voided. The goal is to get down to the loose bowel movements from the upper large intestine. The enema is repeated after each voiding until this goal is reached. Can be stirred into juice (one teaspoon full) three times per day to deal with traveling constipation. More can be used if needed in stubborn cases. Drink plenty of fluids with this to facilitate ongoing bowel movements and eat high water content fiber (raw fruits and raw non-starchy vegetables.

I-Charge (4 oz)
Use this for any infection. It can be put in a little water or directly on the tongue. Trickling it down the throat for sore or ragged throat or infection in the throat (like strep) will create immediate relief and will disinfect. Will decongest, deepen and improve breathing a great deal (making it a possible inclusion in snake bite and anaphylactic shock) and will clear sinuses and release pressure in the head. My favorite immediate killer of cancer and all types of infection (though can overheat the body if the infection is of a sort that hides well). Generally is a one time, miraculous cure, but is okay to use for stubborn cases as well since it decongests, disinfects and boosts immune system. Can also be used daily to heal a weakened immune system (smaller doses…usually 1 dropper full 3 times daily).

For acute infection, use 2 droppers full every 30-60 minutes, either in water or from the dropper on the tongue. May also be used 1 T per 2 cups of water to make an enema to replace the cayenne, garlic, apple cider vinegar enema for serious infection, flu , etc. As with all infections, this remedy should be used with a diet of just fruit, juices, herbal teas and smoothies, with wheatgrass and slippery elm as supplements for substance. This should be followed until healing is complete.

For headaches, this often works very fast, just take a dropper on the tongue and let it trickle down or take it in one ounce of water and swallow it on empty. Decongests the head and clears the liver quickly. Kills all manner of bugs and is a very powerful mainstay.

Rescue Remedy (1/3 oz)
Use as directed for any trauma or traumatic incident for adults or children.

Teething Tincture (4 oz)
Use 1 dropper full by mouth every 30 minutes for teething or growing pains. For teething pains, sore throat or mouth, apply to the area or let trickle down the throat to get the numbing effect of the clove oil.
Use 3 droppers full in a little water for digestive discomfort as needed or 3 times daily as a general tonic and stabilizing nutritive.

Liver Transition Formula (1 bottle)
For depression, moodiness, adhd or any psychogenic problems of any kind, take 6 capsules 4 times daily until abated, then reduce to 3 times daily for one week thereafter.
For mild liver cleansing or protection from liver-toxin exposure, take 4 capsules 3-5 times daily while exposure lasts and for one day thereafter.

Liver Gall Bladder Tincture (2 oz)
For loss of appetite for any reason, use this to improve digestion, unblock the congestion of the liver and to keep the liver safe from damage due to infection or toxicity. Should rapidly stimulate appetite for more wholesome foods. Should be used with a fruitarian diet, fresh juices and herbal teas for food. For infants and small children, we use ½ dropper every half hour until appetite returns or for 8 doses. Then we go to three times daily until appetite is regained. For adults, a full dropper at the same intervals for the same situation. Future dietary wisdom is urged.

Plantain Ointment (2 oz)
Apply a lump of the ointment to the entry point of any infection, puncture wound, bee sting, snake bite, or other venomous bite. Place a band-aid over the area and leave on until melted and dissipating, then replace with a new lump. Do not clean off, just add more if and as needed.

Black Ointment (2 oz)
Apply a lump as with plantain ointment to any wound where infection or poison needs to be drawn out. Apply to slivers or impaled objects under the skin to draw them out. Apply to skin cancers or any localized poison or abnormality. Will do no harm even if it does no good, so think freely. Bandage over the lump and leave in place undisturbed, replacing 1-2 times daily. Keep on until goal is achieved. Must be a lump to be effective.

Kidney Formula SP-6 (1 bottle)
Use for troubles urinating, any urinary or renal tract infection or for fluid retention. Use 6 capsules 3 times daily and drink one gallon of distilled water each day.

Hydrangea root (4 oz)
Use 1 1/4 cup of the cut, dried root per gallon of apple juice. Place on the stove in a large pot and heat to a boil. Immediately reduce and let very light simmer for 2 hours. After reaching boil, 2 ounces may be taken off and strained and drunk every 20-30 minutes for pain due to kidney stone. This is maintained until pain is abated, then 2 ounces are drunk each waking hour for three days. Specific to kidney stone attacks.

Chest Rub (2 oz)
Apply glob to outer ear canal, plugging the canal for ear infections/aches. Then massage more in under the ear, on the cheek, forehead and base of skull. Repeat as needed for discomfort until ear infection is cleared.
Rub into liver (right side under ribs) to clear liver pain and aid with headaches and abdominal discomfort from any non-traumatic source.
Rub into both liver and face and neck for troubles going to sleep or for labored breathing. Can be used in conjunction with lobelia internally.

Oregano Oil (.3 oz)
Used only for specific, threatening infections or those in places with low circulation. It is diluted (20 drops per 1/3 ounce of olive oil) and only a few drops of that are used each time. May be taken on the tongue or applied anywhere topically away from sensitive areas, like the eyes, ears, nose, genitalia, etc. Dose frequency can range from 2 times daily to one time every hour.

Marshmallow root powder (3 oz)
May be made into tea for emergency food for an infant. (all teas, unless otherwise specified, are made one teaspoon per one cup of distilled water) This is also made into a large quantity and limbs with cellulitis/blood poisoning are soaked in this hot and alternated to ice water back and forth until completely abated. Cayenne pepper (about 2 Tablespoons) is added to the marshmallow tea. Marshmallow tea may also enable stopped urine. Marshmallow can be taken in large amounts for Crohn's, IBS, IBD, Colitis, etc. It becomes an intestinal poultice.

Complete Bone and Tissue Ointment (4 oz)
This ointment is applied freely to burns and open wounds as well as to any troubled skin. It is bound on and kept on as described in the audio until complete healing is experienced. Many times we will pack an open wound and tape it shut to keep it closed and full of the ointment. We also apply blanched leaves over the burn on top of the ointment and under the loose, cloth binding.

Yellow Dock Combination (pwd 4 oz)
Used for hemorrhoids, prolapses, candida, low iron, low back pain. Kills candida and heals weak tissue in the lower pelvic region. Tea is used as douche and as tea to drink. Powder is stirred into water and used as a rectal implant or stirred into juice and given to children with thrush top or bottom. For low back pain, may be taken in capsules or drunk as tea.

Jurassic Green (4 oz container)
This is used as emergency food for children and adults. May be stirred into apple sauce or bananas. It also may be eaten whenever there is blood loss, anemia or any weakness due to blood or digestion. This is something I use for newborns who seem to have failure to thrive. I will give them small amounts of by having the mother lick her finger and dip it in the powder and then roll it in the infant's mouth. We also will mix with a little water and apply to the spine of the infant.

Ear and Nerve (2 oz)
This formula is placed in ears following a couple drops of garlic oil and the ears are massaged and plugged. This is used for ear infections/aches, hearing loss, any neurological problems and seizures, etc. It is also used internally for stress, general pain or general irritation. Also internally for all neurological problems. It has been applied topically to pull out cancers and may help with abnormal blockages due to bone spurs, inflammation, allergies, etc.

Garlic Oil (1 oz)
Garlic oil is put in the ears for any infection and rubbed into the cavity below the ear, onto the cheek, on the forehead and into the base of the skull. Ears are plugged with cotton. For chronic infections or hearing loss, Ear and Nerve is added (2-3 drops) into the ear after the garlic oil. In this case, only 2-3 drops should be put in the ear of the garlic oil so there is room for the Ear and Nerve formula. Garlic oil is also put in the ears for any sinus infection or upper respiratory or lower respiratory infection, congestion or discomfort.

Herbal Eyewash (1 oz)
3-5 drops of this tincture are added to one eyewash cup full of distilled water. This is then either dripped with an eyedropper into the eye or washed with the eyewash cup into the eye. This is done for any infection, injury, stress or sudden loss of visual acuity. It may be done as often as hourly or as infrequently as 2 times daily. Washing should continue for 30-60 seconds at a time. Generally, some is also drunk of the same mixture, so another ounce with a half dropper of the tincture should be made to drink.

TJ Clark Mineral Water (4 oz)
This is applied to any open wound where the burning pain is contraindicated for any reason. A band-aid wet with the water can be put over any injury. A dropper of this may be taken for any instability of the individual or weakness or fatigue. This can be repeated every hour until stability returns. Generally, it is taken in water, though this is not necessary. Is both healing, electric, full of electrolytes and is disinfecting. May be added to water to drink to recover from or prevent dehydration.

Super Calc Tea (8 oz)
This is usually used for injuries to bones or joints or for growing pains or teething pains. It also helps quell inflammation and environmental toxicity due to the content of horsetail. Will ease pain from broken bones and damaged joints very quickly. Can be taken by the dropper for babies or a teaspoon per hour or more for larger kids or adults. We use it very frequently when there is a serious injury. This is also used frequently for tooth decay or cavities. Does not kill infection, but rebuilds the damaged tissue and eases pain due to bone or tooth loss.

Ma Huang Tincture (4 oz)
Used only for asthma attacks or severe allergies where an epi-pen would be used otherwise. Generally, one tablespoon is used for adults or ½ teaspoon for children. Do not use this product for any other purpose unless recommended by a qualified herbalist or physician. Seek medical help ASAP for any condition which you are not certain you are competent to handle.

Echincea Angustifolia Root Tincture (2 oz)
This is used only for ulcers of skin and stomach and for snake bites and serious venomous bites. For bites, one ounce of the tincture is drunk immediately and no other food is consumed from that moment on. The old herbalists used to first use Lobelia in large doses and then induce vomiting to empty the stomach first. Then the Echinacea was drunk to thicken the skin and protect against sudden spread of the venom. For ulcers, it is applied topically to the skin ulcer or a teaspoon is taken on an empty stomach for the stomach ulcers.

Herbal First Aid Support Items: Use this section as a study guide to write in the uses you feel are important to each item based on the audio and video instructions.

Adhesive Tape (cloth with waterproof plastic surface—Johnson & Johnson type)

Gauze Roll/Gauze pad

Large Bulb Syringe (2)

Enema Kit or enema bucket

Surgical scissors, long tweezers or Surgical Kit/Leatherman Micra

Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman Multi-Tool

Nail Clippers professional style

Temporary Filling Material for teeth (At the time of this writing we use Dentemp o.s. by Majestic Drug Co., Inc. 800 238 0220)

Dental Mirror and Cleaning Kit


Medical Tweezers

Ace Bandages 1 small, 1 large

Eyewash cup

Neck Collar

Small hydrogen peroxide

Herbal First Aid Recipes and Applications

Cayenne Pepper

This is just the pepper in a bag or container of some type. We use two of our keyring sized containers of cayenne.

Cayenne Tincture
Tinctures are all made similarly, so please use these basic instructions for each tincture below, paying attention to specifics about menstruum. The menstruum is the liquid in which the tincture is set. For cayenne tincture, we use grain vodka or a half and half mixture of everclear (or equivalent) and distilled water. We fill a container 2/3 with cayenne pepper and fill that up with the menstruum, stirring a bit until the liquid is well stirred into all the powder. Then we add enough menstruum to cover the pepper. If we are using a quart jar or a pint jar of the canning type or similar, we cover with 1 inch of menstruum. This is then shaken every day for exactly 14 DAYS. On the 14th day, it is strained out.

Generally, I use a white –T-shirt cloth that I can wrap around the herbs and I squeeze it through as well as I can to get all the liquid out that I can. This is bottled and stored for use anytime. When friends help me with the tincturing, I use gloves of some type for this tincture because the cayenne tincture in your skin can burn and some people will get red and rashy with this, which can last about three days for some people. Thus please take this caution under advisement whenever you are making any type of hot pepper tincture. Dust masks may also be needed as the pepper gas goes into the air! Doing it outside often makes it work fine. We rinse well, but do not soap or otherwise treat our straining cloth. If we feel the need to make it absolutely clean before doing the next tincture, we either replace it or wash it in hot water and distilled vinegar which will get it mostly cleaned out so that you do not get trace amounts of cayenne in your other tinctures. I never do this and have never noticed a difference. It is just washed with hot water and dried so that it is clean but no soap residue is present. I would much rather have cayenne tincture residue than soap or dryer sheet residue.

Lobelia Tincture (2 ounces)
Lobelia Tincture is made the same as cayenne, but it is made in half raw apple cider vinegar and half grain vodka (or equivalent). This is the menstruum. All else is done exactly the same.

Slippery elm, Oak Bark, Comfrey root
Like the cayenne powder, this is placed in three separate containers sufficient to hold them and keep them dry. Usually, I use some tightly sealable plastic container. Some worry about plastic residue in their herbs, but I have never seen this make any difference in emergency cases and so we just worry about keeping our herbs safe and worry about perfectly pure herbs when we go home to do our long-term healing if we need to do it or just to maintenance our health if we need to do that. For saving lives, I do not worry about a small amount of plastic residue. Better that than have no herbs at all because the glass one broke!

Miracle Tincture
As this is a formula, the combined herbs are mixed as instructed first and then they are put into a container and regular tincturing instructions are followed thereafter. Miracle tincture is half raw apple cider vinegar and half grain vodka or equivalent unless any of the herbs are fresh. In that case, the fresh herbs are set separately and half raw apple cider vinegar and half everclear (or equivalent) are used so that the water content of the menstruum is lower.

The recipe is this:

Hound's tongue-10 parts

Comfrey root or leaf-4 parts

Gotu kola-6 parts

Senna-1 part

White oak bark-2 parts

Black walnut hulls or leaf-2 parts

Yarrow flowers-5 parts

Mullein leaf-4 parts

Pine needles-2 parts

Cayenne-1 part

Ginger-1 part

Chaparral-4 parts

Lobelia-1 part

Ginger Powder (2 ounces)
The same as with other powders

Pine Gum Tincture (2 oz)
Usually, we use blue spruce gum. This tincture is different because proportions are different and varied. What I do is fill the container half full of the gum/sap/resin and fill the container to ¾ full of pure everclear. This tincture will require straining only to remove sediment, but the gum dissolves into solution and is not strained out! The idea is to keep adding gum as it dissolves until no more will go into solution. Then you strain the sediment out and bottle the liquid. You may never be able to clean the wire mesh strainer you should strain this through, so buy a cheap one and be prepared to discard it! This is bottled and kept indefinitely.

Lower Bowel Powder (4 oz)
As with other powders, this is purchased pre-mixed from Dr. Christopher's original formulas and put in plastic, travel-friendly containers.

Equal parts of the tinctures of Echinacea, habanero and garlic.
Garlic tincture is made in pure raw apple cider vinegar. Garlic is fresh and blended with the apple cider vinegar and then allowed to set. Should have the inner skin/paper on the garlic and only the loose paper should be peeled off, since the paper and the skin next to it contain huge amounts of supportive medicines (especially the anti cancer and anti oxidant and immune stabilizing chemicals).
Echinacea root is set in vodka or, if fresh, in everclear.
Habanero isfresh. It is blended into everclear and raw apple cider vinegar, half and half. Then it is set. Be cautious in pressing/straining out and cleaning up afterwards as the liquid burns the hands and the vapor the lungs and nose. It will not injure, per se, but you will think it will!
You may add a little glycerin to the finished product to make it slightly more palatable to children, though it will not be too popular either way.

Rescue Remedy (1/3 oz)
Comes already in small containers or spritzers.

Teething Tincture (4 oz)
Hands down, this is the most complex tincture that I make. It is set in grain vodka or, sometimes, in 2/3 everclear and 1/3 distilled water. To the finished, strained tincture is added several items in proportion by prior volume. So, lets say that I had 3 cups of tincture and I was to add 1/3 of that volume of juice, then it would be 1 cup of juice, but if I were then to add 20 drops of an essential oil per cup, it would be 80, not 60 drops. In other words, I am measuring off prior volumes to determine how much of each addition to make. If you can grasp this, this will be a breeze!

The recipe of herbs for the tincture is:

Cloves-12 parts
Horsetail-5 parts
Comfrey leaf-4 parts
Chamomile flowers-3 parts

Mullein-1 part
Fennel-3 parts
Catnip-3 parts
Peppermint-3 parts
Echinacea root-5 parts
Wild yam-1 part

When the tincture is finished, raw Tahitian Noni Juice (pure, no preservatives, just the fermented, raw stuff made the traditional way) is added. Exactly 1/3 the volume of the tincture is added to the tincture.

Finally, ½ ounce of tangerine essential oil is added to every 24 ounces of the final mixture.

Liver Transition Formula (1 bottle)
This is pre-packaged and purchased by the bottle of 100 capsules.

Liver Gall Bladder Tincture (2 oz)
This can be purchased ready-made, but I prefer it made with raw apple cider vinegar and vodka half and half, so I prefer to make my own. I buy the cut herbs in the formula and make my own tincture using the menstruum as stated.

Plantain Ointment (Plantago Major or related species) (2 oz)
This ointment is always made with the fresh plantain leaves. I am non-plussed with what is being made commercially, so I usually make my own. Ointments are all made as described below, but with plantain we always use the fresh, undried leaves as the dried leaves do not work for this purpose. They are very good for lots of things, but not for drawing out venom and poison. These must be fresh, undried.

Ointments at my house are made by filling a container (usually a glass bread pan) with the herbs as tightly packed as I can get them. I always use cut herbs for an ointment. Over this I pour extra virgin olive oil or Bertolli extra light olive oil. The herbs should be covered by an inch of oil in the breadpan model. Next to it I put a glass container (usually a pint jar) with enough beeswax so that when it is melted it equals 1/8 the total volume of oil that you used (so you should measure how much oil you add to the herbs). These are placed in the oven at 180-200 Degrees F. This is kept here for 4 hours. Note: we have had a little more control over heat using a toaster oven and many companies use lower temperatures in a chaffing dish for 24-72 hours to avoid damaging with heat many of the delicate constituents of the herbs. I personally have never seen the benefit except in a handful of cases (arnica and calendula, for example, both flowers), so I use the oven and I believe this makes the strongest ointment. Strict raw foodists may feel better about the chaffing dish plan. I repeat, however, that the goal here is potency to save lives. We will worry about perfection when the emergency is past!

The herbs in the ointment should turn brown and crisp as the value is drawn into the ointment. In the case of plantain, the ointment will dry green!

When we are done, we take the herbs and oil and strain it through a wire strainer into a container with a wide mouth that can be used to dispense the ointment. Then the wax is added and stirred in while it cools. Often, I put it into a pan of cold water to help cool it faster. I will also often make up more wax than I think I need since consistency varies and more wax may be needed to make it solid enough to not leak out of the container easily. The ointment can be tested by dipping a finger or a wooden spoon into it and then into cold/ice water. The ointment sets up and can be tested for firmness, telling whether more wax is desirable or not. When you are content with the mixture, leave to set up fully and put a tight lid on to keep it good indefinitely.

Black Ointment (2 oz)
It is recommended to purchase this ointment. If you have the choice, the variety with leaf lard is the best, versus that made with mutton tallow. The recipe, though, is as follows:

3 quarts mutton tallow (may have to be rendered if the only source is a butcher)(leaf lard (must be pure) can also be used, but note that most leaf lard is mixed with hydrogenated oil these days and that should not be used)
2 ounces each of the following dried herbs: Chickweed, comfrey root, marshmallow root, golden seal root, lobelia herb, kino (pterocarpus marsupium)(if available)(when not, I add 5 ounces of fresh plantain [plantago major or related species] leaf here)
1 ounce poke root
6 ounces olive oil
2 lbs beeswax
2 ounces wheat germ oil
1 pint pine tar (available from a nursery)

This can be made exactly like the other ointments, or can be kept to heat such that the tallow just stays liquid and then left at that heat for 8 hours instead to produce a gentler made extract of the herbs into the fat.

Kidney Formula SP-6 (1 bottle)
Purchased by the ready-made bottle from any place Solaray products are sold.

Hydrangea root (4 oz)
Kept as with other bulk herbs

Chest Rub (2 oz)
Purchased ready made from Wind River Herbs

Oregano Oil (.3 oz)
We use our source for this, which has the highest and best lab values in the business. In addition to the pure stuff, we have a pre-diluted 1/3 ounce squeezable bottle on hand where 20 drops are added to each 1/3 ounce of extra light or extra virgin olive oil.

Marshmallow root powder (3 oz)
As with other herbal powders.

Complete Bone and Tissue Ointment (4 oz)
This is acquired pre-made from Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas -OR- in the pre-mixed bag and made into an ointment as follows (though we do often purchase this to keep it around)

I make this the same as other ointments, except that I use 1/3 of the oil volume of wheat germ oil. When the ointment is done and I am adding the wax, I also add 1/8 the volume of honey. This makes this ointment better suited for burns.

Yellow Dock Combination (pwd 4 oz)
This product has disappeared and reappeared on the market to buy already made. I am including the recipe here. For the majority of its usefulness to us, the original recipe is the only thing that works. The other formulas do not work for fungal infections well at all. The recipe is as follows:

6 parts oak bar
3 parts mullein herb
4 parts yellow dock root
3 parts walnut bark or leaves
6 parts comfrey root
1 part lobelia
3 parts marshmallow root

This is always made as powder for our purposes. It is important to purchase these herbs already powdered as powdering roots is tough business once they are dried.

Jurassic Green (4 oz container)
This is purchased as it is made and can be kept in the rather large, rigid plastic container it comes in, or can be placed in a high grade ziplock bag to conserve space.

Ear and Nerve (2 oz)
This formula is equal parts of: Lobelia, blue cohosh, blue vervain, black cohosh and skullcap. It is tinctured in vodka as described at the beginning. It can be purchased already made.

Garlic Oil (1 oz)
This is the simplest and fastest item to make. It is made by covering the bottom of any glass container with pressed raw garlic. Then you pour enough olive oil over it to cover it by ½ inch. This is allowed to sit with a cloth covering for 3 days (a stronger version can be made in two weeks, but it is strong enough in three days). Then the garlic is strained out and the liquid is bottled and kept. It will keep for 6 months as is or if you add 30-40 drops of vitamin E oil, it may keep up to a year. It will dissolve the rubber dropper cap of a dropper bottle, so we either monitor this and replace the dropper periodically or we put it in a bottle with a plastic lid and borrow a dropper to use when we need to use the garlic oil. All agree that for childhood ear infections this is superior to every other option out there and it will give relief in the middle of the night, can be applied throughout the time when the Eustachian tubes are flat for a child without any harm and is very cheap to make. It has the added bonus of actually working to kill all ear infections, a thing that does not happen with antibiotics!

Herbal Eyewash (1 oz)

You can buy this already made from our website or Dr. Christopher Original Formulas. The formula we make ourselves is a slight variation on Dr. Christopher's Original Formula. It is as follows:
1 part of each of bayberry bark, eyebright herb, golden seal root, raspberry leaves, gotu kola, hawthorn flowers
1/8 part of cayenne
This is made into a tincture using grain vodka. The hawthorn flowers can be fresh or dried, but are better fresh.

TJ Clark Mineral Water (4 oz)
This is purchased from TJ Clark as is.

Super Calc Tea (8 oz)
This is Dr. Christopher's Original Recipe for Calc tea:
6 parts horsetail
4 parts Comfrey Root
3 parts oat straw
1 part lobelia

This is made into a strong decoction as follows: Put 16 Tablespoons of herbs into 1.5 gallons of distilled water (may be made 16 T to 1 gallon) and bring in a large stainless steel pot to a boil. Immediately reduce to a very gentle steam where there are no bubbles rising at all, just steam. Leave there for 2 hours. Let cool. Heat back up to hot and strain off. Mix into this ¼-1/3 its volume of honey and the same amount of raw apple cider vinegar. This will keep in the fridge indefinitely and at room temperature for several weeks. Should be replaced in the fridge and taken out for each trip where you take your first aid kit.

Ma Huang Tincture (4 oz)
This tincture is set in pure grain vodka or equivalent. Ma Huang has become very difficult to find. If you find a source please let me know!

Echincea Root Tincture (2 oz)
This is set in pure grain vodka unless fresh (very desirable) and then pure everclear is used.