UnMasked Part 2, the Wind Up Scene

By: Kal Sellers
Published: July 15, 2020

I am not pretending to be a prophet...not at all. I am only letting you know, in spite of abundant evidence to the contrary, that I believe that our current "panicdemic" is winding down. I have many reasons for thinking this. Whether I am correct or not, I do want to start in on what I believe is a vital component of any situation like this, which is the LEARNING PHASE!

It has been said that when the time to act arrives, the time for preparation is done. After the time to act is over, however, we then have the opportunity to learn and then make adjustments to prepare better in the future.


After a crisis--real or imagined--most people just breathe a sigh of relief, have some [more] comfort food and watch their favorite TV show and are just grateful for the fact that it appears to be "all over!"


As I am perhaps too fond of saying, "There are a great many things which are perfectly understandable, but which are nevertheless unacceptable."

The above behavior is totally understandable. It is totally understandable, when we are frightened, to try to control others. It is understandable to react. It is understandable to just seek some solace, either in activism or comforting activities. These things are understandable, but it may not be acceptable, particularly if the situation requires some PRO-activity, judgement and wisdom.


It is understandable to drink caffeine when tired. It is understandable to reach for stimulating foods when one is fatigued or exhausted and feels that they have to continue in spite of it. These things are understandable, but they are not acceptable.


The enlightened goal for anyone having passed through a difficult time is to uncover (and correct if possible) those errors in judgement or failures of character which were exposed during the crisis. Actually, in this sense there is no more valuable experience for humans than a crisis. Crises expose where we need real growth.


Tragically, some only focus on how they can change policy or control others to make it seem less likely to have such a crisis in the future. While prevention is a valuable tool for which we are all grateful, attempts at prevention without corrections to character can lead to terrible ideas where the cure is far worse than the disease. That is to say, people not attempting character correction for themselves as part of the learning process, will find that they are tempted to arbitrarily and hastily force corrections on others which are ill conceived and which do not address underlying problems at all.


A good rule of thumb is to take only as much control as you absolutely have to have. Wherever possible, use education instead of control. This is bumping into the golden rule here, which states, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In other words, if you do not want someone controlling your life based on their standards, don't control others' lives based on yours. Instead, educate or put resources and effort into creative solutions which inspire and assist people to live better.


For example, what if we could offer housing and transportation which actually had a greening effect on the planet? This is within our reach. Current green technology is not green at all, it simply claims to use less fossil fuels, which is by no means a conclusive argument for its "green-ness." Building technology already exists which is actually pristine and even helpful to the planet if done wisely. It needs no upgrades to make it totally green, efficient, healthy for the planet, etc. Transportation that literally greens up the planet (which I define as contributing to a healthier, greener and stabler microclimate) is certainly in our reach. Communication possibilities have been explored, though, admittedly, none of the truly green communication options allow for a large company to make money off them, so corrupt efforts have been made to prevent that technology from emerging.


Instead of focusing on avoiding germs (This idea is remarkably hopeless and does not work well at all! We are sorta in denial about this.) we should focus on the natural methods of prevention. History is so full of examples where it has been proven that diseases we feared desperately were entirely nutritional diseases. That is to say, the virus literally did not affect anyone who was healthy in some certain way. The virus only affected people who were already sick, badly nourished, toxic or otherwise unwise. Actually, every story like this involving a virus revolves around high percentage raw with plenty of raw fruit and high levels of available blood calcium. Those who consume sugar, bread and dairy abundantly were highly susceptible to such infections. Polio is the poster child for this where no one got polio syndrome if there was high levels of calcium bicarbonate in the blood and plenty of raw, fresh fruit in their diets. Sugar, dairy and bread all lower both usable vitamin C and calcium bicarbonate in the blood. High doses of magnesium and vitamin D--however necessary, both lower calcium bicarbonate in the blood.


The uptick in viral infections being diagnosed as Coronavirus right now has far more to do with low blood calcium (common in summer both for sugar intake and sun exposure) consistent with spring and early summer than it has to do with any activities. Sadly, most people who have decided to lock themselves up made themselves much sicker and more acidic with mask wearing (leading to lower blood calcium) and also ate comfort food and take out rather than eating healthier (much more raw, organic produce, all real, whole food). Those individuals are likely to be much sicker with the spring colds and sinus infections going around. Since the coronavirus test gives false positives about 5 out of every 8 tests, then these cases may be diagnosed and treated as coronavirus.


I have already dealt with this and urged the use of Cataplex F during the summer (found on this website) in pretty high doses in order to prevent spring and summer viruses. I also urge plenty of fresh raw fruit during the summer. Those on Ketogenic diets, no matter how helpful for weight loss, may be more susceptible to viral infections because of nutritional consequences of that diet.


So, this takes us back to learning time. I would like to offer a few questions for contemplation:

1. What self-improvements could you make (maybe you might have to learn how...that is certainly ok) which might make you part of the solution, instead of the problem? Note that these are self-improvements, not your prejudices and conclusions forced onto others.

2. Did you find yourself becoming angry and frustrated, scared and confused, instead of creative and insightful? If so, what can you do to prepare to respond differently next time?

3. What can you do to take your personal power back so that you do not need to fear?

4. How can you structure who and what you listen to in order to be inspired, instead of frightened?

5. How can you offer your support to those who help and inspire? How can you avoid listening always to the fearmonger (and I'll add, whether that fearmongerer is your neighbor, your friend, the mainstream media or alternative media)?

6. How can you love instead of fear in this situation?

7. What thoughts did you think throughout this situation which might have sabotaged instead of served you? Which thoughts do you think served you?

8. What about your value system helped you? What about it might not have served you?

9. If this situation had really been (as it may be in the future) a genuine threat, where every house on your street had someone dead or dying from it, what things would you or should you NEVER abandon? In other words, what matters of character and humanity would you want to retain even if (or especially if) this was likely the end for you? If it is likely you will die, how do you want to go out as a human? As a man or a woman? As a person leaving a legacy to those you leave behind?

10. Finally, what things are worth believing in, defending and protecting? Some things should be retained as a belief, not because they are true, but because they are worth believing in. Believing in those things defends your humanity, enhances your character and makes you create a better world with your efforts. You stand up for some things because they protect the innocent, defend the weak and ignorant and secure liberty and justice for all. What are those things for you?


Cultivation is a subject which is a favorite of mine. Instructions regarding it are found in every major religion and in every enduring philosophy of living. It is a very personal thing. Literally, no one can really help you do it beyond encouraging you to choose to do it. Your answers to these questions are important to you and from this you can grow, develop, change your answers in the future and continue to grow. I assume it is self-evident to all honest people (who are the only ones for whom this article can have any value anyway) that twisting words like this to defend one's already adopted prejudices is of no value whatsoever. Only a person humble enough to see what he or she is failing at can use this information.


Now, after these questions, I would like to offer a few words of advice and cultivation wisdom. Think of cultivation as the development of your character and focus so that you always have a healing effect on things and never a harmful one. Cultivation, therefore, includes methods of thinking which have shown themselves to point you toward good and accurate information and away from harmful, deceptive or misleading information. It also includes methods of thinking which encourage wise responses, rather than simply emotionally torqued reactions.


1. Actions out of fear are always wrong.

2. Instructions which manipulate you are always deception. Bullying is always wrong. It is also wrong when advertisements do it, when governments do it, when institutions do it, when laws do it, when media does it, when schools do it, etc. It is always wrong. It is wrong on the basis of any disagreement. Bullies bully because they are in a weak position. This is true of doctors, politicians, diplomats, official narratives, teachers, administrators, employers, etc. Do not participate in bullying others based on your beliefs, assumptions, judgments, etc. Recognizing the sheer volume of bullying from government and media and related organizations and individuals in our recent coronavirus conundrum should help us recognize and remove the bullying from our own lives. No matter how legitimized bullying is, it is still bullying. Encouraging hate crimes or hate thinking toward those who believe different from yourself is a form of bullying! It is odd that some recognize institutionalized bullying of blacks and the subsequent individual bullying of them, but cannot seem to recognize that it is bullying to promote hate propaganda against those who object to mask wearing or who promote information contrary to the official narrative. Some do the same thing with vaccines. Whether the information seems to support your position or not, bullying is bullying! Further, bullying is a sign that on some level, perhaps a subconscious level, you are actually in a very weak position. Perhaps finding yourself tempted to bully another should lead to you examining the position you have taken for hidden flaws which might change your position. That, of course, requires a very cultivated person of character to do, seeing that it requires such bold honesty with one's self.

3. Kindness heals and empowers

4. Standards are important. They are equally important to evaluate for both refinement and correction.

5. Responses involving service and creativity, solutions which help everyone and injure no one are the wise responses.

6. If you exchange liberty for safety you will never have either. I am not here talking about "rules of the road" where we agree in order to make things run in an orderly fashion, but even those rules should be subject to the first rule of control, which is this: "Never take any more control than you absolutely have to have." When talking about liberty, however, what we mean is that we should maintain and retain the power to make decisions over property and self with the people, and this should be held as locally as possible. This insures that those who make the decisions for others actually have to answer for those decisions. This is the premise on which the constitution of the United States and most individual states is based.

Likewise, individually we should retain the power to change our lives to do what we know we ought to do and never give that away to an employer, instructor or any other person or entity.

7. Giving away your power to something that makes you feel powerless is always the wrong decision. Never believe it. It is literally never true. You always have power. You are never entirely a victim. Look for the creative solution. You will find that it comes in not too long. You will find that the more you do it and succeed doing it, the more powerful you will become and the more able you will become at finding those solutions in any situation. Never believe you are helpless. Never act helpless. Never believe anyone who talks to you as though you are helpless. Those who do such are manipulating you! They are also lying! Ask yourself what they stand to gain. Turn them off. Do not listen to them. Listen instead to those who empower and inspire you, teach you and give you tools and the power to create new tools. Never trust someone who disempowers you.

8. If you find that you do anything compulsively or very often, examine it to see if it is an addiction. Addictions are always harmful in one way or another as they give away your power and pull your life out of balance. Many people have anger addictions and direct that rage readily upon being told to do so, toward others who often do not deserve it. It is a weak person indeed who can only deal with the frustration and confusion of the sick, modern world by pointing the gun of hate toward those they imagine they disagree with. If you have succumbed to this, please consider standing up inside yourself and being stronger for what is right and for how you would want to be treated. I find that when I am just filled with rage about something that I am in every case wrong in my judgement. I believe this is a common phenomenon. I believe that rage appears when one is compensating for a deficiency of information about what is really going on. I invite you to consider this carefully and live by a better, higher standard.


Thank you for reading. This article was intended to be difficult to read. If you did not find it so, you probably missed the point of it. I found several points in it to work on for myself! This kind of response makes people hard to deceive and makes them able to solve such issues as arise in a friendly, helpful way. It goes without saying that this is a healthier way to think and live!


Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH, MT is a holistic chiropractor teaching herbal medicine and self-healing techniques, chi gong and visceral massage to facilitate healing. He practices the Rolf Method of Structural Integration and Chiropractic as well as Touch for Health, Visceral (digestive) Massage and many other techniques to help patients in Wyoming and Georgia with occasional visits to other states and countries to teach and treat.