Unmasked--The Lies About Mask Wearing

By: Kal Sellers
Published: June 22, 2020

Various friends have suggested that they will just wear masks to appease everyone, because after all it is harmless…

One patient decided to not allow me to see her because I told her I would not wear a mask…

Jackson, Wyoming has virtually decided to attack anyone acting normal, including not allowing dancing (even with the person you arrived with!) in the bars and encouraging businesses to require masks. Jackson Whole Grocer decided to require masks of everyone coming through the door.

Of course, most people know that Costco decided this was the thing to do.

Apparently, if you do not want to wear a mask, you just do not care about your fellowman, you are probably also a holocaust denier, you are against mother love, Americanism and the little red schoolhouse…

I've had about enough of people so obsessed with their agenda that any honesty, objective thought or connection with reality at all is just a big inconvenience. Instead of intelligence and wisdom and investigation into facts at all, rhetoric is employed and most of that is all about attacking those who disagree with you.

I cannot help but notice that this shows an extreme lack of emotional maturity and maturity in general. It is also simply unwise since one who in his or her own mind knows all, is incapable of learning what they do not know.

I suppose caring about a cause so much that it consumes your good sense has some social value if all you do is hang out with people who are also consumed by that same cause. Being consumed by ANY cause is not the path to awareness, however. I don't care what side of the political isle you have nailed your feet to…

I have causes. I believe in having a cause and not wasting your life away in selfishness. But, a cause full of hatred and rhetoric and empty of objective thought and consideration of differing views is a form of selfishness that consumes. It is an effort to avoid dealing with being wrong—and indeed dealing with a great many complex and complicated human components. Instead, that person just attacks those who disagree and listens to those who agree. This maintains a shockingly shallow perspective of life. Depth is replaced with anger, rage and hate which the partaker flatters him or herself is righteous wrath to destroy the real evil in the world. Looking in the mirror for that evil is, ironically, unconscionable.

The masks are our subject, of course, so I will get to that point now.

  1. Masks DON'T work! Even those agenda-pushers who pushed the masks have recently emerged to state that they do not work. They are fine for keeping bacteria-rich sputum off of immune compromised people, but they do not work at all to stop the spread of viruses. Many studies have been done to demonstrate this. One recent study suggested there may be some value, but it also showed that there may be even more negative value. Basically, the study showed that you did accumulate viruses on the exterior of those masks. However, if you were exposed to lots of the viruses you accumulated far more on the inside of the mask, causing rebreathing and increased exposure to the viruses. Those already infected spread the virus just as fast with the mask as without since the virus flies so easily between the fibers of the masks that it is like a mouse going into a garage door built for a semi-truck. This is why the surgeon general, from the beginning, told people to “Stop buying masks…they don't work!”
  2. Masks are NOT harmless! No matter how well you know me, nor how long we have been talking before I do it, if I cover part of my face with ANYTHING for more than a few seconds, you will begin to release stress hormones. You cannot help it. It does not matter how you interpret my action. You are hard wired to consider anyone with a partially covered face as a threat. These stress hormones active adrenaline and SUPRESS the immune system. Further, for those who wear the masks constantly, they are rebreathing toxins produced by stress hormones in their own bodies. One study captured the condensate of individuals who were angry. One individual kept angry for one hour produced enough toxins in their breath condensate to kill a guinea pig. Ten people in a room kept angry for one hour produced enough toxins in their breath condensate to kill 100 guinea pigs! Individuals wearing masks around in stores with lots of other masked people are poisoning themselves. It is impossible to prevent, it is a statement without recourse.
  3. When I smile at you, you will produce beta-endorphins! These wonderful chemicals reduce your pain, make you feel that life is tolerable and IMPROVE your IMMUNE RESPONSE! You will have less inflammation and an improved ability to fight cancer and infection in the presence of these wonderful chemicals. The masks, of course, remove this from society.

Conclusion: the unmasked truth about masks is totally one-sided. There is no upside and ample downside to wearing masks.

If you want to avoid spreading disease, do these things. EVERYONE agrees these work and NO ONE objects to them. You will see the difference in your own life and you will be happier and healthier for it.

  1. Eat plenty of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly organic apples with the skin. Apple skins contain all the cofactors needed to use vitamin C. Obtaining your vitamin C from supplements may eventually make it impossible for you to use it since it depletes your body of the other nutrients used when vitamin C activates the biochemical processes it is used for. Eat at least 1 apple per day, with the skin. 2 apples if some illness is going around.
  2. Move blood and lymph through your body every day. This can be done in so many ways. Exercise, walking, stretching, yoga, tai chi, meditation, breathing, EWOT, hiking, dancing, laughing, etc.
  3. Practice basic good hygiene WITHOUT damaging your own friendly flora. This means washing your hands and your face and your body. This means avoiding antibacterial soaps and other body applications which kill your own friendly bacteria. You having a healthy bacteria basically prevents the spread of any disease except though clumps of contaminants on your skin. Simple touch and re-touch will not do it. Various studies have shown this. Have good hygiene, don't spread filth to others, but do not try to sterilize your hands or any part of your skin unless you are going into surgery! Hand sanitizers, ironically, make you more likely to spread disease, not less! A virus or bacteria in contact with a healthy, vibrant natural skin microbiome (all the microbes naturally on your skin) is dead in no more than 10 seconds, usually faster. Wipe out that microbiome and the same pathogen is in your blood in ten seconds and can be transferred to others for much longer.
  4. Avoid dysfunctional media, news, television, YouTube or whatever. If it is full of hate, anger, bad news, drama, horrible scenes, etc. it will make you sick, suppress immune response and traumatize your brain, which will make you recover slower.
  5. Avoid toxic people. A patient called me for alternative medicine advice. He had been diagnosed with aids and had developed kaposi's sarcoma. He was a black man in Marietta, Georgia and he told me he was living with a gay partner at home. He was amply willing and able to follow even stringent guidelines and for a while he began to improve a little. However, he then began to have something of a relapse. He had explained to me that there was some stress in his relationship at home but that he was doing better and thought he could get well. The protocol I gave him had a history of working in such cases and I wondered what was going wrong. So, I encouraged him to check in and tell me how he was doing every few days. On one occasion when he called, his partner was home and was nearby enough that I could hear him in the background. From that moment on I lost all hope in his recovery. The kind of conversation and hatred going on in the background was as toxic as any I had ever encountered. I knew in that setting, he would not recover. Though I worked with him without telling him this and I worked as vigorously as I knew how to do, he did die about 6 months later. While this is surely an extreme example, it highlights the fact that some people have only horrible, negative, shocking things to discuss. They are angry and venomous, codependent or resentful, they hate themselves or others, they are toxic to be around. They do not radiate any sort of light or peace. They do not inspire awareness, thoughtfulness, creative solutions or kindness. They are toxic people. Leave those people alone, for they will make you sick and make you carry a more toxic version of yourself to others.
  6. Allow your emotions to run their course without getting attached to them. It may be advanced for a little lesson like this, but blocked, stagnant emotions make you and others sick! Emotions are special communications. They are to be respected—maybe even revered. Emotions should not, however, be treated as though they ARE reality. Instead, they are communications which we are to allow to complete their task of intelligence transfer. They should not be judged, acted upon, resisted, labeled or captured (as many do with positive emotions because of a lack of such emotions in their lives). They should not make up our personalities, characters, agendas, motivations, etc. They should just be allowed to continue until done. Old painful emotions may be processed this way, but need not be. One can simply acknowledge that the past is the past and not the present. Emotions from the past can be seen with honor, without having to even figure them out, process them or deal with them directly. They can be acknowledged and that is enough. Emotions should be felt.
    When they are done, when they have run their course and communicated the feelings contained in them, then you can make a choice based on what you know best about what is right to do. This is obviously quite different than just reacting as though an emotion represents reality, which they are not intended to do. Healthy people let emotions come in and go out as they naturally want to, without labeling, attaching themselves or resisting.

I hope you have found some enlightenment and benefit from the above. I know it is a mix of frustration and insight. If the shoe fits, wear it and maybe step up to a better you. Abandon agendas and politics if need be to see clearly. Go back to your politics after you see clearly and then you can do good. Probably not before that, though.

Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH, MT runs a holistic chiropractic practice in Afton, Wyoming where he integrates herbs, nutrition, chiropractic, Rolf Method, visceral massage and Touch for Health regularly in the care of his patients. He also is the developer of the Enlightened Revolution and produces a podcast on that subject. His website is www.soundmountainhealing.com