Hawthorn Berry Leaf and Flower Tincture

Hawthorn Berry Leaf and Flower Tincture  

2 ounce    $ 30.00  

What Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH says about Hawthorn Berry, Leaf and Flower Tincture (link)  

Hawthorn has long been known for its ability to heal the heart.  It helps protect it, keeps it stronger, stabilizes the beat, encourages it to take up nutrition.  Taken with cayenne it will slowly regenerate the heart.  In fairly large doses, it has proven effective at regulating afib for a few hours at a time.  The person with atrial fibrillation should be very careful to avoid caffeine in any form 100%.  That person might also avoid all inflammatory foods (link to Patient Education page Inflammatory Foods).  

The berry works mainly to protect the heart and give it strength while the leaf tones it and helps clear  arteries.  The flower helps with emotional injuries to the heart or at least helps protect the heart against them.  

Every heart problem is an indication for Hawthorn tincture made this way.  Some may have to take it 4-10 times per day and should get our Tincture Kit for Hawthorn (link to product), which is much cheaper if you are going to
use much volume of the tincture over a long period of time.  

Another little known thing about hawthorn is that it helps with fat digestion.  It is healing to the small intestine as well.  It is truly, from Chinese Five Element Theory, a Fire herb that stabilizes, gives strength, tones, and rebuilds.