Jurassic Green
1 Pound

Jurassic Green 

1 Pound     $90

What Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH says about Jurassic Green: 

Description: This product is made by growing Kamut grass, alfalfa and
barley grass in mineral rich virgin soil. This is then juiced and the fresh
juice is flash-dried. The result is the most mineral and medicine rich
product of its kind. The simplicity makes it easier to absorb and use in
the body, especially in weak cases.

This is the only actual prenatal vitamin supplement I use for my pregnant
mothers. I have never had call to apologize for that decision. It really
does work the very best.

For the weak person trying to recover his or her health, fresh apple carrot
juice with a couple tablespoons of Jurassic Green powder in it will make a
supplement which truly restores health. The proteins in this form are
easily absorbed and used. The liver is nourished and tonified and the whole
system is restored. It is stabilizing to blood sugar and contains the
medicinal sugars which made wheatgrass famous for cancer patients.

It is something I think every person not enjoying ideal health should use
every day until they enjoy ideal health. It seems to cover a multitude of
sins for my patients. There are many other products on the market that are
very good, but I am convinced the purity and simplicity of this product
make it the very best. This is the ideal multi-vitamin mineral supplement
for anyone and everyone.

Small children can have a little mashed into a banana or applesauce and it
will only bless their health.