90 Tablets

What Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH says about Cal Amo: 

Description:When any phobias or panic attacks exist, this is worth trying.
Generally 6 tablets per day will help restore the acid systems outside the
gut (for the gut, we use Zypan). It will help, therefore, immune balance,
kidney health and cerebral-spinal fluid. The CSF chemistry has a lot to do
with panic attacks and phobias. If this it the cause. often Cal Amo will be
a complete cure. Under high stress, if phobias recur, Cal Amo can be used
again immediately.

Cal Amo helps with allergies and inflammation because the immune system, if
it is deficient in acid, will become excitable. Cal Amo stabilizes that

For kidney cases and all inflammatory cases, Cal Amo is also indicated to
take long term. It is a product made of acidic minerals. A body cannot be
healthy unless both acid and alkaline systems are in balance. Cleansing and
green drinks, magnesium and plant oils and citrus fruit will all lead to
alkaline dominance. We do not want acid dominance, but we do not want the
acid system to fail either. This is an important part of keeping those
systems balanced throughout life. When symptoms of imbalance appear, it is
time to take Cal Amo

Symptoms might include allergies, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD flare ups,
irritable kidneys, inflammatory responses, foggy brain or any brain