Cataplex B12

Cataplex B12:
90 Tablets    $22.50

What Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH says about Cataplex B12:  
I use a variety of sources of B vitamins in my practice to help those who have been under protracted stress.  If I had to choose just one, this would be it.  3 tablets a day will supply all we normally need, plus all the whole food source cofactors needed to use the vitamins.  Part of Royal Lee's genius was understanding that deficiency is often not as cut and dried as one or a handful of simple isolated vitamins.  Deficiency involved many cofactors which were often poorly studied but which must be used to restore general nutrition.  He found that fairly small amounts of the actual vitamin were needed if all the cofactors were present.  Likewise he found that the use of chemically isolated vitamins would create deficiency in the cofactors needed to use them.  This in effect created an unsolvable deficiency of the vitamin, which the person could be using freely every day!  His system is better.  Get the whole food sources with all cofactors and use less of the chemically isolated vitamin - if any.  This is the best way to restore function and health.  

Anyone under protracted stress should be on Cataplex B12 until the stress is over.  If they have chronic disease after a stressful time, they should use it until their health is fully restored.  

Calcium bicarbonate in the blood is used to kill, rather than contain infection.  It also helps improve cell junctions and prevents magnesium from making tissue more irritable and sensitive.  This is a point of much confusion because magnesium can be used in a pharmaceutical dose to relax nerves and smooth muscle.  This leads people to feel it is helping them, but this is not a nutritional dose, but rather a manipulation of the body making things worse.  Long term, this is the wrong choice.  

One of the first things I do when I start to get sick is take 6-15 calcium lactate tablets from Standard Process and 2-3 Cataplex F.  Together this makes the calcium bicarbonate stay available in the blood.  Frequently, I will also take at least one Zypan with this because this helps insure that the calcium is well ionized in an acidic stomach.  This usually is a complete cure at this point.  

For chronically ill people, 6-10 calcium tablets every day is essential until things are fully under control.