Cataplex F

Cataplex F
360 tablets      $55.00

What Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH says about Cataplex F: 

This is used all summer by all my patients to help balance the effect of the sun on the body.  Little known is the fact that as vitamin D rises in the blood, so also must certain fatty cofactors or the heart will get weak, immune response will
get low, sunburn will be worse and easier and various other important immunological processes will be effected adversely.  

Cataplex F is specific for this problem.  If any of my patients takes vitamin D, I want them on Cataplex F concurrently (5/day).  If anyone is getting sick, I want them on Cataplex F and Calcium Lactate until they are well, usually in pretty high doses(10 of each per day).  If any of my patients seems to have high
inflammation, I want them on 5-10 cataplex F every day until the problem is
fully resolved.  When I listen to a heartbeat and the lubb is louder than the dubb, I want to give them cataplex F immediately.