Herbal Eyewash

Eyewash formula
1 ounce alcohol extract     $16.80
What Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH says about the Eyewash Formula:  
This formula is based off of a few timeless formulas for correcting and healing the eyes.  The eyes require a surplus of enzymes and micronutrients in order to heal, so a proper diet and general health is needed to get the desired results.  If that is in place, this formula has been shown many times to restore vision, to heal eye damage, to correct astigmatism, to heal eye disease and to clear the eyes when foggy or inflamed.  We recommend 3 drops (not droppers full) in a glass eyewash cup with distilled water.  We have our patients wash each eye for 30-60 seconds while looking back and forth in the cup.  This can be done once per day as maintenance or several times per day in case of serious disease or urgent need.