Thyroid Healing

By: Kal Sellers
Published: September 2, 2018

Healing the Thyroid

Getting the thyroid to work has gradually become pretty easy and fast as we have developed our techniques over time. There are some common misconceptions about the thyroid which has made the process longer than it should be. Here are our recommendations, along with a little discussion about what is happening behind the scenes:

The following supplements seem to be essential to healing quickly. We always carry these items to help you with the healing process.

1. Dr. Christopher's Thyroid Maintenance, 2-5 capsules right before bed and in the morning sometime.

2. Thyroid Rub (we have used and sometimes use Wind River Herbs' Chaparral Yerba Mansa Rub but this has pushed the thyroid too high in some cases (after several months of use) and we had to take a couple weeks off to get the thyroid out of hyper state. This is cool, because it means it is really working well. Our replacement product, however, is effective without this concern. Massage into thyroid (which sits at the base of the throat on both sides--while massaging you should be touching the collar bones in order to be in the right place--we have a youtube video demonstrating this technique) morning and night and any time there is abnormal sweatting or agitation which is unexplained.

3. Zypan (from Standard Process and available from our store) 2 tablets in the morning with calcium lactate (below discussed) and one tablet with each meal. An acidic stomach is the number one aid for long term thyroid help. If the stomach becomes alkaline, bowel gas will be smelly and abundant, bloat will be common, thyroid and adrenals will function poorly, protein will be low, energy will be low, meals will elicit abnormal reactions and some types of cancer will be much more likely. Acid reflux is a product of too little, not too much acid. This mechanism is explained elsewhere but essentially acid reflux is the product of the body overcompensating for inadequate acid to start with.

4. Calcium Lactate (from Standard Process, available from our store) 8 with 2 zypan every morning. Calcium ionized (happens in acidic stomach) in the blood, along with a good source of high quality cholesterol (fish oil, fertile egg yolks, grass fed butter), is the most important way to balance the autonomic nervous system. If the nervous system gets out of balance, it may cause an impossible situation with the thyroid because it simply never gets blood supply or stimulation.

These four supplements (well, one is a massage ointment) are what we use for thyroid restoration. Normally, we expect return to normal function (with the supplements still being used) within 2-3 weeks.

This is primarily for a hypo (low functioning) thyroid, though our new Thyroid Rub is safe for hyperthyroidism as well. For hyperthyroidism two herbs are quite famous for lowering the thyroid function when it is too high. These are bugle (or bugleweed) and lemon balm. Together they do sedate the thyroid somewhat and will help control even Grave's disease. The Thyroid Rub will facilitate long term healing so that the gland itself returns to normal.

In either case, it is best to eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables and to avoid anything ground to a powder (all types and kinds of flour, sugar) and all processed sweeteners and oils (corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, canola, corn and soybean oils). We have a discussion of diet which reviews this for lowering insulin as my wife, Traci, teaches. See blog on diet. High levels of insulin will cause the thyroid (along with just about all body tissues) to malfunction and disease to set in.