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Dr. Kal Sellers, DC, MH: Founder of Star Valley Herbal College, 2012

Dr. Kal believes that individuals can, if they are taught correctly, be proficient at healing themselves and their families. This coursework also represents an effort to establish tools to help natural, holistic and alternative practitioners assess patients and critically evaluate whether an approach is working or whether a diagnosis is correct and useful.

Dr. Kal's teachings are an integration of many forms of alternative and natural therapies and approaches to herbal medicine. Most notably he integrates Dr. Royal Lee's nutrition research, Dr. John Christopher's practical herbal medicine knowledge, Dr. Versandaal's Contact Reflex Analysis tools (and various other non-invasive diagnosis methods), and Dr. Kal's unique clinical integration and assessment advancements.

The best classes from www.starvalleyherbalcollege.com will be transferred over the next few months.