Chlorophyll Complex Softgels

Chlorophyll Complex Perles
60 Softgels     $31.00

What Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH says about Chlorophyll Complex Perles:  
First off, let me be clear: there are no other comparable products on the planet at this time.  Pure chlorophyll is fat soluble.  It should not be in a fatty carrier and it should not pour like water.  Anything that does is not pure chlorophyll.  
The cool thing about the real stuff is that it will relieve pain in 2-5 minutes very effectively.  It will help greatly with the manipulation of frozen or scarred joints if taken before the manipulation by 5 minutes or so.  It will help the uncomfortable person get to sleep.  In my practice I rarely use it as part of a healing program (though it is recommended for my very sick patients with the modern condition), but I recommend all patients have it.  If they feel bad for any reason, I want them to take 1-3 chlorophyll perles and chew them up and give it a few minutes.  I want them to try this before pain meds.  I want them to try this before sleeping pills (though for chronic non-sleepers we use 10 Min Tran tablets before bed instead).  
If I have an irritable child who is uncomfortable, I want them to have chlorophyll first.  Many kids enjoy chewing them up and find the taste and whole experience delightful.  I feel that kids wanting this usually should be allowed up to 5 per day if they wish.  I will never be without this product at my house.  It is by far the most expensive of Standard Process products, but the expense is well justified.
Once again, if there were a cheaper, comparable chlorophyll, I would carry it in my practice but none such exists and all use of such will be disappointing by comparison.