Kidney Formula

Kidney Formula
100 Capsules    $28.80

What Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH says about Kidney Formula:  
This is one of the best healing formulas for the kidneys.  It is one of two that I use in my practice regularly.  This one is particularly helpful if there is any type of infection.  When there is any acute infection, chronic phlegm or any difficulty getting rid of a cold, this formula is indicated.  It is also helpful for anyone getting low back pain at night while they sleep or waking in the morning with it.  2 capsules before bed and 2 in the morning will normally help with any of the above.  Not uncommonly, it will resolve the problem completely in a few days.  If a person has chronic kidney disease, it is vital to do the kidney exercise, which we have in our training section of this site.  One capsule per hour may be used in serious kidney disease, with ample amounts of water.