Get Ready for Coronavirus

By: Kal Sellers
Published: March 9, 2020

This article was a little hard for me to decide to write...

The hardest part is knowing where to start. Do I teach you what to do or do I give you the truth about coronavirus first? I finally decided to give you the truth about coronavirus first.

Now, it is a good idea to be prepared for colds and flu by knowing what to use, how to use it and then having it on hand.

We will go through exactly what I mean in the second part of this article.

First, let's take a look at the coronavirus:

This virus is being portrayed as some sort of killer pandemic. Apparently at least the news media is convinced that it is going to spread like wildfire and consume everyone in its path. Alternative news media is not better, trying to capitalize in one way or another on this scare. Meanwhile, those watching, reading and listening to the news are glued to it and swept away in the drama, even if they do not particularly trust the news media. I get questions constantly about it and I decided I should get you all caught up.

First of all, a trivia question: How many people die in this country alone from the flu season every year?

In other words...do you have perspective by which to judge this virus? Do you know how many in the entire world have died from coronavirus?

So, coronavirus has been on the news for something near 3 months now. That is nearly the length of an entire flu season. So, we have a pretty good comparison if we just do our homework.

I am going to get on my soapbox for a moment: The news has, in my lifetime, been gradually migrating toward a propaganda platform. All of you have noticed it if you have been paying attention. Strict guidlines of reporting used to help prevent such things or at least hold them at bay. Now, it is almost a free-for-all and in the alternative news media, it IS a free-for-all. So, today, it is absolutely necessary that you, as a news consumer, actually check up on the reports you are given to see if they are reasonable, logical or true at all. I invite you also to watch for clues that the news is being modified for dramatic effect. One obvious and easily-spotted sign is when the media dedicates all their time to attacking or talking about their interpretation of the facts, instead of reporting the facts themselves. That is a sure sign that they are trying to flim-flam you.

Okay, so, here are the numbers:

This year the regular flu virus killed WAY more than usual (nearly double) at approximately 12,000 in this country alone! (The 12,000 figure is the low end of the CDC's estimate, the high end is 69,000) The 15 year average (I got this number a few years ago) is about 7,000 people in this country alone.

Worldwide, last year, the estimated deaths due to the regular flu is 650,000! That is more than 1,800 deaths per day for an entire year or (as is actually the case) a much much higher number per day for about 4 months followed by many stragglers over several more months.

Coronavirus, in not quite as long, but its getting close to as long as the regular flu season, has killed just over 3500 in the entire world!

Note: This first figure is at the time of first writing. Now the figure is about 20,000 worldwide. Again, there is simply no way that this is going to lead to the number killed last year by the regular flu. It is not on a trajectory to hit that number or even close to that number.

I do not know the math needed to point out how dangerous the coronavirus is compared to the standard flu, but the conclusion I am forced into is that the coronavirus is a very sick, sadistic joke. Actually, I am quite sure it is politically motivated. I am not privy to the exact motivations since those are covert, but we can be sure that any effort by the media to spread fear and panic around the coronavirus is totally unwarranted! By the CDC's own admission, many people who get coronavirus will have no symptoms at all! This is being twisted to support fear tactics stating that people might spread it and not know it. Of course, if everyone they spread it to also have no symptoms, that doesn't make the coronavirus very scary at all. I have an acquaintance whose aunt was quarantined on a cruise boat because she tested positive for coronavirus. She was released when she no longer tested positive and SHE never had any symptoms. It is likely that coronavirus has spread over this nation already (I have some evidence of this), but that most people have either no symptoms or such mild symptoms that they do not even know it and, of course, are not being checked for it, seeing that they have no symptoms and do not know they have it.

All right. Now you can sleep easy and travel easy unless you happen to be quarantined and thus inconvenienced by it. Mostly, the important thing to do to avoid the real threat of the coronavirus is avoid the news. It is spreading mass hysteria and is fear-mongering. It is spreading a startlingly contagious lack of independent thought. I personally feel, as many of my natural healing contemporaries do, that you will certainly be healthier physically and mentally if you avoid the news entirely.

Now, what to do to be prepared...for ANY flu or cold:

1. Avoid dairy, sugar and processed food. You might not be aware that by the time the polio vaccine was introduced, polio was nearly gone from this country already. Both polio and smallpox disappeared because of one change in society: the availability of fresh produce year around. If you want to be well and have your immune system function well, a large portion of your diet needs to be fresh, raw food, especially fruits and vegetables.

2. All winter, until the weather gets warm, take 5 bio-dent per day. If you have the slightest hint of a cold or flu or any sickness, take 8 every 3-4 hours until the symptoms are gone and stay gone. During the summer, take 5-10 cataplex F per day (more if you are in the sun more) to keep illness away in the summer. Additionally, it is a good idea to take two Kidney Formula every night and morning if you have any nighttime urination or any cold or flu symptoms. This formula is disinfecting of itself, but also kidney activity dries out infection so that it is never so severe. Here are the links to these three products: Bio Dent

Cataplex F;

Kidney Formula

3. Always remember that symptoms which are actually dangerous with the flu are those that come from constipated or inflamed intestines. A ginger enema for constipation or a granulated garlic enema for inflammation will save lives. I have written in detail about these elsewhere in the blog, so I invite you to search the blogs and find those which will teach you things you really need to know. Also in the blog are instructions on making garlic oil for ear infections. I recommend that any time you have a sore neck, a cough, a sore throat or any ear pain that you use garlic oil in the ears each night. Find and read that blog as it will protect you from many problems for youself and your loved ones!

Thanks for reading!

Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH